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‘It’s not about seducing men; it’s about embracing womanhood’ – Dita Von Teese






Hello, I am Kimberly Meadows. I have been photographing women for going on 10 years now and specialize in the art of Boudoir. I have spent years perfecting my unique posing and direction skills so that I can create stunning images my clients will love, no matter what confidence issues they may have. I can relate to so many women that come into my studio. I hear their stories and I can understand what many have been through, are going through or are facing because I have more than likely been there at one point in time in my life. I am a divorced, single mother and have been riding this crazy roller-coaster on my own for the past 9 years. I too have had ups and downs, confidence issues and carry quite a heavy load as most women do. I have cried, laughed and celebrated milestones with my clients on so many occasions and to be able to be a part of something so profound in their life is, well, an incredible feeling. I am able to give these women a very special gift that not everyone has the ability to do. I get to show them they are beautiful, sensual, sexy and worthy of being shown and genuinely looked at for the remarkable women that they are. There is no judgment here, there hasn’t been a woman that has left me that didn’t feel amazing and didn’t want it to end. My focus is on you, making you feel amazing…this whole experience is and should be about celebrating YOU as a woman! Boudoir is so much more than a gift for a significant other, it is more than just sexy photos of women in lingerie. It is not superficial nor is it only for women who have someone to give the images to. Boudoir is a gift you give yourself so that you can finally see yourself as you have never been able to see yourself before. We as women have been taught to dull down our sensuality to not offend the public, and I say to hell with that! We should never dull ourselves for others in any aspect of our lives. We should embrace who we are and be proud of every inch of our bodies; whether someone says it isn’t the correct shape, age or size. I do what I do so that at least one time in their life, someone made them feel like a woman in every sense of the word. I do what I do so at least one time in their life they don’t feel judged or picked apart, they feel comfortable in their own skin and are allowed to be their true self. I do what I do so that they can see that the woman they once remember is still there inside of them.



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